All the technical details to build a successful website

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Create an app in two steps

We can help you create an app in two steps; this post assumes you’ve already done the market research, and have determined that there is a market and commercial viability for your app idea. This means for example if your app idea is for young women between 20-25 years old, you’ve asked at least 100 of them if they’d pay for the app at your asking cost, and the majority of them said without hesitation; yes. If that hasn’t happened yet, modify your idea and do the research again until this happens.

Create landing pages

For every product or service you sell, if you intend to spend resources in online marketing, first create landing pages. A landing page is a single page one might end up on from clicking a search engine optimized search result, or online ad.

Adding ping services

When you publish a new post, there is a “ping service” that will send a notification out to other services, notifying them of your new post. Adding ping services can help you gain exposure to your articles. You can see the list of ping services you’re using in your WordPress Dashboard, under Settings -> Writing at the bottom. By default, WordPress uses one service :

Is your business open 24-7? If you have a website, it should be.

A few people I’ve talked to believe that their business is only open 9am to 5pm, and that’s fine. It’s fine, because like you, I want my competition to only be open during business hours. One of the  benefits of setting up a website, is you’re instantly open 24-7. That’s right, your business is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sound exhausting? It doesn’t mean you have to be available, it simply means your business does.

Do you have a favicon.ico?

When I ask website owners, “Do you have a favicon.ico?” they often give me a blank stare or a shrug. This little icon is often overlooked, but is a great tip for helping you stand out, and improve your branding. What is favicon.ico? That is the tiny image file you see in your bookmarks/Favourites beside the name of the website. For example, if you’re using a tabbed browser right now, you probably see the 1 surrounded by green in the tab for this webpage, before the words One Day Website.