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Monthly website coach program
Monthly website coach program

The biggest issue with most small business websites, is after a few initial weeks of work, they tend to be neglected. We’re announcing today for all of our customers, a $100/year monthly website coaching program.

We accept bitcoin!
We accept bitcoin!

We accept bitcoin! We’re excited to be one of the first providers in Canada to accept Bitcoin (BTC, XBT, BitcoinSign.svg, or  ฿) as payment! Bitcoin is an open source peer-to-peer payment network and digital cryptocurrency, which is a fancy way of saying a secure online currency.

What would you trade for a website?

As we head into the holidays, I realize that finances are tight for a lot of people, especially in this economy. Yet, many of us have some entrepreneurial idea or venture just itching to make it out into the world. What would you trade for a website?

Create an app in two steps

We can help you create an app in two steps; this post assumes you’ve already done the market research, and have determined that there is a market and commercial viability for your app idea. This means for example if your app idea is for young women between 20-25 years old, you’ve asked at least 100 of them if they’d pay for the app at your asking cost, and the majority of them said without hesitation; yes. If that hasn’t happened yet, modify your idea and do the research again until this happens.

Create landing pages

For every product or service you sell, if you intend to spend resources in online marketing, first create landing pages. A landing page is a single page one might end up on from clicking a search engine optimized search result, or online ad.