We will do all three of the below steps for you

  • We’ll register your domain name (or transfer one you already have to us), you choose Wordpress (if you want to edit the content) or Jekyll, and hosting for a year for $299 CAD, basically all of the techy stuff to get your website online, and we’ll do it in one business day.

Register a domain name

  • You can search for available domain names on GoDaddy and while it’s usually cheap for the first year, it’s usually expensive after that, so I usually register with one of these:
  • We recommend Porkbun or NameSilo for most domain names.
  • We recommend BareMetal if you’re registering a .ca domain.

Choose a Platform

  • Wordpress if you’re new to websites, 1/3 of the internet is using it and for good reason. It’s great if you want to be able to edit content yourself, any time. The negative side is it’s database driven, so it’s slower and can be hacked more easily than:
  • Jekyll is what I’m using these days, if you’re a techy and comfortable with the command line. It’s one of many popular Jamstack platforms.

Choosing a Hosting Provider

  • Dreamhost does Wordpress hosting with a range of affordable plans.
  • Vercel hosts Jamstack websites like Jekyll straight from your Github account.