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Instead of hosting services or websites on your own device, you might be looking for cheap hosting alternatives. A few other useful options might be a backup mail server, or a private disk storage option using a tool like Cryptomator, or testing out a new application.

If it’s a web server or application, consider putting it behind a CDN like Cloudflare’s free CDN tier

We’ve not tried all of these, so be sure you read their terms of service and privacy policy, as well keep a keen eye out for “upsell” options that add to the cost, and make sure you have tools in place to detect when things like storage or network access is close to hitting the limits.

In order by price, starting with the lowest first:

Here are a few services that offer free tiers (watch for usage/time limits when you move to paid tier!):

Here are a few aggregators worth checking out as well for more options:

We recommend these VPS’ over a service like Wix or Squarespace hosting, as you get a lot more control and power, and these two hosting services are known for embedding privacy trackers on the “free” websites they offer. If you want to ensure you’re on a fast back bone however, as Google punishes website’s SEO if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, have us help us get you on a fast host and optimize your websites or applications.