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Colour Theory

One of the important topics of branding with your website is the colour scheme. It helps to have a basic understanding of colour theory. This includes knowing if you’re going to use a colour scheme such as analagous or complementary colours, warm vs cool and colour harmony. The colours you use will elicit a conscious or sub-conscious reaction, so make sure you choose your colours with strategic intention.

If you’re not using just one colour, you should pick and stick to a specific colour palette which should be used on all branding materials for your organization, including the website.

Canva has a comprehensive article on colour schemes if you want to do a deeper dive. I recommend a palette of no more than 5 colours, and use those colours in all of your company’s interactions including email/newsletter and social media so as to start to build it out as a branding exercise.

You can start to define your colour scheme with a site like coolers.co.