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While it’s common to use platforms like Google Forms and embed them into your website, there are more advanced tools that allow you to embed and integrate them more transparently. Here I rewview several options as I search for a solution I’d like to use myself. One thing I’m concerned with is jurisdiction where the company is based, as you want to ensure you’re trusting they’re in a region with good privacy laws so they can’t scrape/leverage the content in your submission forms. I also then compare the free tier options with the first paid tier in my comparisons below.

  • GetForm - Cyprus, 100 free responses a month (all features included in free plan!), then $10/m for 1000 subs/m
  • Basin - Canadian, so must adhere to stronger privacy laws than most, only one free form though (everyone else offers unlimited), and $10/month for 1000 submissions/month
  • SmartForms.dev - Brazilian, Forever free with unlimited forms up to 50 submissions a month, after that only $4.50 USD/month for 1000 submissions/month.
  • FormSubmit - No idea where these guys are based, Appears to be fully free. No login needed, no php/js or backend code, they email you the submissions)
  • FormSpress - Texas, USA. 50 free submissions a month, unlimited forms. First tier only allows 5 forms at $8 USD/m.