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Why should you care about Google Plus, over Facebook pages? The main reason, as my friend Janice Mansfield (+1M followers!) told me years ago, Facebook charges you to reach the audience you worked so hard to build. Say for example you’ve piqued the interest of 1,000 people to follow your Facebook page, no doubt that would have taken a lot of your time and/or money. However you might think when you post something to your Facebook page now, all of your hard earned audience will see your post, but this is not the case. Only a small fraction of your audience, or Likes, will see your post. On Facebook, you need to pay for the privilege of reaching your own audience, and that ratio of organically reached vs paid reach is stretching every day.

This is not the case for Google Plus. Once you’ve earned the interest of someone, by them placing you in their circles, they will now be able to access your posts organically. You don’t have to pay for the privilege.

In the meantime, if you want to try the switch to Google Plus, here are a couple tips to help with your first few posts. You can highlight the important points in your posts by placing an * (asterisk) on each side of the word or phrase to make it show up in bold once you’ve posted it. You’ll also want to consider using up to three hashtags, to make your post(s) even more searchable. Google has a primer on using hashtags with their service.

Try posting your next question or comment to our Google Plus page, One Day Website. (email or tweet if you get stuck in the process). You’ll quickly realize that all it takes to use Google Plus is a Gmail account, so most of us are already there. Once you’re on our page, simply click the red “Follow us” link. You’re now able to ask us as many questions as you’d like, on how we can help get your online business to where you want it.