SEO Permalinks

When you’re looking at your WordPress dashboard for the first time, click on:

Settings -> Permalinks -> Custom Structure

and add /%postname%/




If you’ve already have posts that are published, you’ll also want to install the Redirection plugin so you don’t lose any of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

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Creating A Website With Jekyll

I’ve been slowly transitioning my websites from Wordpress to Jekyll for a few reasons, most notable that a static website doesn’t have a database that can be hacked, and that it’s inherinitely faster in getting to the user, plus it’s always fun to learn something new. As a part of jekyll, you’ll also likely want to explore Markdown and Liquid. You can follow the offical documentation, or mine:

Broken Link Checker

It’s very likely one of your websites has some broken links. I write this in the process of transitioning this website from Wordpress to Jekyll and I don’t want to copy over all o fthe images as it’s very likely many of the images on the ~10 year old Wordpress site are no longer referenced anywhere.

Market Research Assessment