Should you use Twitter to promote your website?

Any self-described social media expert will tell you that you have to be on Twitter, but do you really? That’s something you should evaluate. Are your potential customers active on social media, and if they are, are you likely to to convert them via your social media marketing?

For example, at One Day Website, our target marget is non-techies who are looking to set up a website fast and cost-effectively. We’ve determined these potential clients are online, and some on Twitter, but they are not power users and are simply there to check things out. As such, most of our marketing resources are focused on in-person forums and meetings. 

We do recognize that there is some opportunity for conversion through social media, so we do have an active Twitter account where we promote our blog articles and ask our followers what topics they’d like us to write more about. We employ this strategy because the Twitter followers that are most important to us are those who are prospective clients looking to learn more, or existing clients who want to make the most out of time and money they’ve already put in to their new website.

Things to decide for your business: 

  • Is your target market on Twitter?
  • What is the short and long term goals of your Twitter presence? (are you offering support? promotions?)
  • Is your audience primarily savvy web users who will expect timely Twitter posts and responses?  If so, do you have the resources to manage an active Twitter account?

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