2018 – A year of giving

After 6 years of providing cost effective websites and website solutions like SEO and website audits, it’s time to give back, in a serious way. I want to give away a free website every week for a year. This will include domain name registration, website hosting, WordPress install and setup — all the techy stuff, so you can begin putting in your content and copy.

What I’m looking for is someone to help with the social media engagement side, someone who’s passionate about offering website packages, consultations, audits, and SEO help. I don’t care about accumulating followers, I’m looking to help those who aren’t in a place to help themselves currently, and that winning one of these packages can give them the leg up to get to the next stage along their journey.

Do you think you have what it takes to engage people on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram? If you’ve always wanted to prove you have what it takes, reach out to me, kris@onedaywebsite.ca. Tell me two things: 1) What you think you can do to help One Day Website achieve this vision, and what type of commitment you’re willing to offer and 2) What One Day Website could do for you? Help you setup your dream website? Help with auditing or search engine optimisation over your competitors on your website?

If I can successfully find a team to manage offering all of these packages for free, I intend on giving away over $15,000 CAD worth of products and services over the next year.

Latest Posts

Creating A Website With Jekyll

I’ve been slowly transitioning my websites from Wordpress to Jekyll for a few reasons, most notable that a static website doesn’t have a database that can be hacked, and that it’s inherinitely faster in getting to the user, plus it’s always fun to learn something new. As a part of jekyll, you’ll also likely want to explore Markdown and Liquid. You can follow the offical documentation, or mine:

Broken Link Checker

It’s very likely one of your websites has some broken links. I write this in the process of transitioning this website from Wordpress to Jekyll and I don’t want to copy over all o fthe images as it’s very likely many of the images on the ~10 year old Wordpress site are no longer referenced anywhere.

Market Research Assessment