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I had a meeting with a potential client this morning, who was recommended One Day Website, as we often help clients with business strategy as well. When I asked the client what their conversion goals were, they said they want to get speaking gigs as a result of their website.

This client has a lot of content, which was accumulated over years, and would be hard for anyone to duplicate. It is unique, valuable, interesting, and drives traffic to their website. However, no where on the site does it mention that the individual running the website is willing or able to speak professionally.

As speaking engagement opportunities aren’t mentioned on the website, it goes without saying that there are no details about what the client is good at speaking about, or why. The entire exercise would be left up to the website visitor to simply imagine that the client was available for hire.

One of the first things I ask all potential clients, is to clearly define what their conversion goal is. From there, we can start to being discuss strategies to optimize the website for conversions. But before that, we need to ensure we have a clearly defined value for the customer.

Many people make the mistake of stating what their product or service is, but I have more success with using the narrative of what the customer’s value is.

One Day Website optimizes your online business strategy.

Notice that I did not say we do websites, we do analytics, we do business strategy, and a host of technical solutions. When you read the above sentence, you immediately know if what One Day Website is offering aligns with your business pains, or if it would provide you a business gain.

You likely have some perceived notions as to what the value is you provide, now you need to validate it with potential and existing customers. Once your value has been validated, make sure your messaging along these lines is clear.