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We can help you create an app in two steps; this post assumes you’ve already done the market research, and have determined that there is a market and commercial viability for your app idea. This means for example if your app idea is for young women between 20-25 years old, you’ve asked at least 100 of them if they’d pay for the app at your asking cost, and the majority of them said without hesitation; yes. If that hasn’t happened yet, modify your idea and do the research again until this happens.

When you’re ready to get a quote to build your app, you need to complete two steps, functional workflow and wireframing.

The functional workflow document should work like the choose your own adventure books. It should clearly explain every possible flow a user could take when using your app; for example if they choose option C, it will give them a new menu with 4 options, if they choose option 1 they got to here, option 2 they go to there etc.

The wireframing is a quick mockup or sketch up of how every possible screen in your app will look (and match to the functional document). There are a lot of commercial software packages for wireframing, but you can also try Pencil Project or Framebox for free. You can also go old school and use a pencil and paper as many do.

It’s important to be as detailed as possible in these two documents, as if you accept the quote and the app gets developed, it is these two documents that everything is based off of. If you forgot to add something to the workflow that you thought was obvious, the developer will likely leave it out and you’ll have to pay for that work to be done later, so don’t miss out on any details!

Once you have the functional workflow and wireframes complete, we’re ready to get you a quote. Feel free to bring us in at any stage of your project; we can work with you to build your workflows and wireframes, or can give you a quote for development of your app once we have these in hand.