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For every product or service you sell, if you intend to spend resources in online marketing, first create landing pages. A landing page is a single page one might end up on from clicking a search engine optimized search result, or online ad.

Also known as a lead capture page, or a lander, what type of content or copy should you use when you create landing pages? Usually you want to keep the copy short and sweet, with a sole goal of converting a potential customer, to a paying customer. This is done by either creating a reference landing page that provides relevant information to the website visitor, or a transactional landing page that persuades the visitor to a conversion, which is usually a sale, but could also be something like filling out an online form.

Once you have a landing page setup, it is useless without using an analytics engine, such as Piwik. By regularly reviewing your analytics, you can see how many people are clicking through to your lander, and even more important to your business, how many of them are converting.

If you’re not getting as many results as you want, modify your search engine optimization strategy, as well as your copy, and try again. This is an endless cycle until your lead capture page is generating good traffic that is converting to sales.

If your business is implementing a landing page strategy, contact me in advance, as I offer discounts on website packages in bulk. Being cost effective, and more important the only local business we know that deploys in one business day, I want to be your solution to creating landing pages.