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If you have a traditional telephone line in your house and make long distance calls, consider using us as your new, cheap and more customer-service oriented long distance provider. Ready to call Telus or Bell and give them a piece of your mind? Stay calm and contact us first and let us take care of your service! You can keep your existing telephone number, and your telephone will ring as it always has. The only pre-requirement for this service is that you have a broadband internet connection with low latency. You can test this by going to SpeedTest.net and click “Begin test”. Under Ping it should be a number under 100ms, and under download it should be a number larger than 1Mbps. If you meet these criteria you’re ready to start the transition!

Once you’ve completed your payment, we’ll contact you to find out what prefix you want (you can choose any state in the US or any province in Canada)

We’ll mail you your new VoIP hardware, fully configured. Plug one end into your internet router, and the other into your telephone, and you’re done! You now have unlimited long distance in North America! If you regularly call other regions, please contact us for pricing.

For your first year, the cost is $25/month, and after that you’ll be charged $20/month, paid annually.

Voicemail is included. As a bonus, if you have a smart phone such as an iPhone or Android, you can download a SIP client to your phone, enter the account information we provide and you can now use your smart phone wherever there is wifi to make or receive calls anywhere in North America!