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The most important thing in business, when speaking with a (potential) customer, is understanding your value proposition. You’re obviously enthusiastic about your product or service, but what you’re actually offering to the client not be obvious to them. I’ll use One Day Website as an example.

Website design, and web site hosting are a tough, competitive market. I’m personally more interested in gaining the trust of and helping out non-techies and entrepreneurs than building websites. I can explain to you as a non-techy how I will do the domain registration and name server pointing, install and configure WordPress for you, host your website for a year, and tailor the look and feel based on a hundred themes, but if you’re my potential customer, most of that is likely Greek to you. As such, I think like you, the potential customer, when explaining my value proposition.

  • I do all of the techy stuff for you
  • We get your website up and running in one business day
  • You get full access to your Dashboard, meaning you or your staff can change the content, upload new pictures etc any time, for no extra cost; or you can hire us to do it if you have more money than time.
  • For the custom tailored package, which is under $500, you also get 2 hours professional graphic design (need a logo, or custom theming?) as well as 2 hours of professional copy writing or editing. None of my competition offer anything even close to this.

These are the points that matter to business owners. This makes me stand out above my competition, and why they’re often mimicking my campaigns now. The advantage is that I’m consistently first past the post, and have built the trust relationship with my customers before my competition. Once a customer, I provide private offerings, reinforcing the value, and retaining the business relationship.

So next time you’re speaking with a customer, think about your value proposition. Don’t pitch to them about your product or service. Tell them what business pain you will remove, or what business gain you will provide their business. The impact should be immediate, and you’ll both benefit.