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To celebrate our one year anniversary, I’m excited to announce some lower prices, as well as some new features. For our first year, we’ve been offering a single plan, at $399. This is when some of our competitors charge between $2,000 and $5,000 for the same service, and we have you up and running in one day. Instead of moving closer to our competitors, we’re making it even easier to choose us; our introductory website package is now only $299!

Thanks to your continued support, we’ve hired a graphic designer, as well as a copy writer/editor to help you with your content. You can hire either at our standard service rate. We’ve found that most people using our introductory package want some graphic design and/or copy help, so we’re introducing today, two new packages. The Custom Tailored package is the traditional package, as well as 2 hours of graphic design, as well as 2 hours of copy writing or editing, for only $499! We’re quite confident no one can compete with us any longer. And just in case you’ve got a little more budget, for $899 we’ll provide you our Business One Day Wesbite which offers yet another 2 hours of graphic design, and 2 hours of copy help, as well as set you up with website analytics! With 8 hours of labour, and the analytics and SEO install, that makes your website setup and hosting effectively free!

For more information, check out our new Compare Plans page. Contact us if you’d like more information.