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A couple things we’ve been working on are responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the application of building your website(s) with the idea they may be viewed on various devices, be it a cell phone, tablet or desktop computer. For example, if this post is difficult to navigate or read in your current viewer, please let me know. It should resize as your display does. 

Is your WordPress theme responsive? Have you tried to view it on a smart phone or using a text only browser like lynx?

Social driver has posted what they feel are the 20 best responsive websites of 2012.

I was really excited to get rid of the HTML table on the portfolio page, and try a slider, but finding an easy to use responsive slider that doesn’t require a third party interaction took a little research. This brought me to the free Soliloquy slider for WordPress. See the slider in action with a rotating dozen of our portfolio examples on our portfolio website examples page.

If you install and activate the plugin, you’ll see “Soliloquy” under Settings in your Dashboard. I went to “Add new” and entered a slider called “Featured clients”.

Screen Shot of Soliloquy Screen Shot of Soliloquy

In there I added a dozen screen shots of client websites (you can use any pictures you wish), made sure I entered ALT tags for the vision impaired, and finally added URL links in case people click on the image, they can be brought to the actual website. You can then take the shortcode they provide and paste it into any page or post, and that’s it. Let me know if you have any issues!