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Your small businesses likely has a website, but you’re not seeing may customers from it, and it most likely hasn’t been updated in a decade. We’re hoping to upgrade your website to 2015. What we will do is export your website from where it is now, and import your domain and website over to our hosting service. During the transition process, we will minimize downtime, and give your website a fresh look and feel. We’re recommended responsive themes this year, which means your website will be readable from a smart phone or ipad, any device, not just a personal computer. We provide you access to thousands of themes, and you can change them at any time, with one click. The process couldn’t be easier.

If you have 5 pages or less, we’ll do the entire process for $299 this month! Anything over that, we charge $100/hour and can usually do ~10 pages an hour. As you likely still have some months left before renewal with your existing web provider, we’ll include hosting for the rest of the year, at no extra cost to you!

Starting in 2016, you can choose to renew annually, or monthly, whichever you prefer. Never again will you be stuck with an outdated website, your choice of themes updates every week, using the latest technology, and you can update your theme at the click of a button, any time!

Of course, once you’re our customer, you’re able to access any of our services — improve your rankings in the search engines with SEO, know who is actually visiting your website anytime when with our privacy friendly Piwik analytics, or we’ll work with you on a conversion strategy  — measuring and reviewing how many of your websites are being converted to customers. We want to work with you to make sure your website is generating you income, not just sitting there because you feel you should have one.