Don’t use Gmail for business

When I say “Don’t use Gmail for business”, I’m not referring to Google Apps, which offers a branded email service, I just mean you should never have on a business card, or in the From: field of a professional email.

If you’re doing business, your branding matters. Whether you like it or not, your digital image paints a picture as much as wearing ripped jeans vs formal wear does. Once you own a domain name for your business, such as, most web hosts also offer or include a service to setup your own personalized email address. looks a lot more professional than

It shows that you pay attention to such details. When you use an, it just screams that you’re too lazy, or aren’t willing to invest a little money into your business branding.

If privacy isn’t a concern to you, and you really like giving Google access to everything about you and your business for the convenience of using them, check out Google Apps for business. We also offer various email solutions for business, depending on your needs, such as privacy and quantity requirements.

If you’ve spent the time to make sure you have a website, and social media, don’t forget to finish off the process by setting up professional looking email addresses for your business. Once you have them, don’t send out anything business related, unless it’s from that email address!

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